All his life David Miller had been a pioneer. Born in Greenville, South Carolina in 1918,
he was the youngest boy in a family of eight. While the family was large by today’s
standards, it was a close family with high moral values. Growing up in slower paced
rural South Carolina, David set his sights on a bigger horizon and volunteered to serve
our country through the Army Air Corps. After graduating from the war college at
Clemson College, he joined the newly formed United States Air Force where he became
a pilot.

In the Air Force he rose through the ranks as a test pilot, distinguishing himself by
breaking many flying records, including the flight from Anchorage, Alaska to
Washington, D.C. in under four hours. He was even in the running to be one of the first
astronauts in the original NASA Mercury Program.

From test pilot David was promoted to instructor, where one of his duties was to
oversee the Civil Air Patrol in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. David wasn’t just in the
service, he made it his career. He served his country with honor in WWII, the Korean
War and Vietnam before retiring with the rank of Colonel.

As a son, brother, husband and father, David modeled the value of family; as a Colonel,
he embodied the strength of discipline and authority; as a test pilot, David knew what it
means to strive to break new ground and overcome the ordinary; and as an instructor,
he understood the importance of knowing the fundamentals and building on a firm

He brought all of those qualities to Laurinburg, North Carolina when he pioneered Miller
Supply Company in 1965. For forty years David worked to establish a company that
embraced strong relationships with his customers. He knew the value of hard work and
set that example for his employees. He created a sound business, yet he wasn’t afraid
to push the limits. He built a solid company on a firm foundation that now serves a
three-state territory. David died in 2005, leaving his business to his children.




Steve Miller

President/CEO, Owner




Joey Batten

General Manager




Tyler Walsh

Sales Representative
South Carolina & Western North Carolina




Chris Taylor

Assistant Manager




We are located at:

1628 South Main Street
Laurinburg, NC 28353



From HWY 74 BYPASS take HWY 15-501 "Business" exit (South Main St.)
White building next to Hwy 74 overpass.

From HWY 74 BUSINESS turn south on Main Street. Follow until you come to Hwy 74 overpass. White building on left before overpass.

Reach us by mail at:

Miller Supply Company

P.O. BOX 1745